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UI Trends 2020: What’s in Store?

2020 is here, and with it comes a chance to review which UI trends worked last year and which are likely to continue to do so this year. The start of the new year provides an excellent opportunity to look at emerging UI design trends that will continue to grow in popularity.

Staying on top of what’s new in the design industry, what’s useful (or not), and what’s falling out of favor is vital for UI designers who want to be able to offer their clients innovative ideas. Reviewing trends and looking at how they might evolve moving forward is essential to that endeavor.

UI trends 2020 will include storytelling in UI design (instead of thinking about a project solely in terms of UX), 3D graphics and animation, unique microinteractions, dark themes, simplicity, voice interaction, and more.


Storytelling is often only thought of in terms of UX. However, UI designers can also play an essential role in the storytelling process.

Through the use of color, typography, animation, and interaction design, UI designers can implement the stories necessary for good UX.

Google’s Pixel Earbuds landing page is a compelling example of UI storytelling. It guides the visitor through the benefits of the product through thoughtful animations, relatable imagery, and stellar typography to create a positive emotional response.

3D Graphics and Animation

3D graphics and animation aren’t newcomers to UI design. Their frequency has increased in recent years across multiple product categories. VR and AR apps, in particular, have taken advantage of these elements for things like viewing furniture in an actual room. Another common example is the 360-degree product view that has become popular on eCommerce sites.

If a UI design needs to be particularly eye-catching, 3D graphics are an excellent way to accomplish that. Animation adds to the visual appeal. While these effects are more time-consuming than 2D versions and require a specialized skill set, they’re worth the extra resources in cases where they add to the overall user experience.

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